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02.01 - 2009Ex UN Legal Counsel declares EU-Morocco fisheries agreement illegal
22.12 - 2008HRW: Human Rights in Western Sahara and Refugee Camps
10.12 - 2008Le Monde Diplomatique: Permanent Resistance in Western Sahara
04.12 - 2008426 organisations demand exclusion of Western Sahara from EU-Moroccan
04.12 - 2008South African Deputy Minister Sue van der Merwe on Western Sahara
02.12 - 2008Big Makhzen demands apologies
24.11 - 2008Belgium wants Moroccan secret service officers to quit country
24.11 - 2008US law firm refuses Western Sahara dialogue
19.11 - 2008BASF refuses to disclose
18.11 - 2008SA labour protests Western Sahara inclusion in EU-Morocco deal
11.11 - 2008Activist's honour puts pressure on Morocco
08.11 - 2008Morocco announces decentralization to solve Sahara conflict
06.11 - 2008Morocco launches homepage on Advanced Status
31.10 - 2008BASF will not repeat Western Sahara imports
28.10 - 2008Frontline action for Saharawi human rights activists
28.10 - 2008"French Hand Seen in Western Sahara Impasse"
25.10 - 2008German former MEP demands BASF clarification
24.10 - 2008Belgium involved in illegal phosphate trade
24.10 - 2008Sahrawi president writes Sarkozy on Moroccan Advanced Status
22.10 - 2008Living on the Frontline in Western Sahara
16.10 - 2008What Should the United States Do in Western Sahara?
08.10 - 2008Belgium involved in illegal phosphate trade
08.10 - 2008Haidar's Struggle, by Stephen Zunes
07.10 - 2008Western Sahara stand-off: restrictions on press at UN Committee
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Africa's last colony Since 1975, three quarters of the Western Sahara territory has been illegally occupied by Morocco. The original population lives divided between those suffering human rights abuses under the Moroccan occupation and those living in exile in Algerian refugee camps. For more than 40 years, the Saharawi await the fulfilment of their legitimate right to self-determination.
Trailer: Western Sahara, Africa's last colony


Have a look at this teaser for the upcoming documentary "Western Sahara, Africa's last colony". Coming soon.
Book: International Law and the Question of Western Sahara


To our knowledge the first collective book on the legal aspects of the Western Sahara conflict. Available in English and French.