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05.04 - 2010Open letter from Sahrawi political prisoners' relatives
05.12 - 2009The Other Occupation: Western Sahara and the Case of Aminatou Haidar
04.12 - 2009South Africa Government condemns repression in occupied Western Sahara
04.12 - 2009UN High Commissioner for Refugees speaks out on Haidar's situation
03.12 - 2009Morocco demands apology from hunger strike activist
30.11 - 2009Fears grow for hunger strike Nobel nominee
30.11 - 2009Concert backs 'Gandhi of Sahara'
28.11 - 2009President and Nobel Laureate expresses solidarity with Aminatou Haidar
24.11 - 2009Amnesty: Urgent Action - Enforced Disappearance Sahrawi man
23.11 - 2009Le Monde Diplomatique: Western Sahara conflict goes on
20.11 - 2009Urgent appeal from Europarliamentarians
18.11 - 2009Western Sahara activist on hunger strike at Lanzarote airport
16.11 - 2009A brave woman pays the price for a misinterpreted interview
16.11 - 2009HRW: Reverse New Rule on Sahrawi Activists’ Contacts
15.11 - 2009AFP: Western Sahara rights activist expelled from Morocco
13.11 - 2009RFK Center condemns Morocco's detention of Aminatou Haidar
11.11 - 2009The forgotten conflict
06.11 - 2009International campaign to stop illegal EU fisheries  
04.11 - 2009Morocco orders departure of Swedish diplomat
31.10 - 2009Swedish Social Democratic Party demands recognition of SADR
24.10 - 2009US senators ask King to release Sahrawis
22.10 - 2009'Sahrawi Gandhi' awarded New York peace prize
14.10 - 2009Frank Ruddy: "Deja vu all over again"
14.10 - 2009UN Silent on Morocco's Detentions
13.10 - 2009Olof Palme Center condemns the arrest of Saharawi activists
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Africa's last colony Since 1975, three quarters of the Western Sahara territory has been illegally occupied by Morocco. The original population lives divided between those suffering human rights abuses under the Moroccan occupation and those living in exile in Algerian refugee camps. For more than 40 years, the Saharawi await the fulfilment of their legitimate right to self-determination.
Trailer: Western Sahara, Africa's last colony


Have a look at this teaser for the upcoming documentary "Western Sahara, Africa's last colony". Coming soon.
Book: International Law and the Question of Western Sahara


To our knowledge the first collective book on the legal aspects of the Western Sahara conflict. Available in English and French.