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News Archive 2009
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17.08 - 2009Oxford Six and detained Saharawi students send open letter
12.08 - 2009Morocco & Polisario see talks continuing this year
11.08 - 2009IPS: Western Sahara drains development
11.08 - 2009Talks to resume on breaking Western Sahara deadlock
11.08 - 2009We seek no revenge – only peace
07.08 - 2009Magazines seized over royal opinion poll
06.08 - 2009Saharawi students 'stopped from attending city conference'
02.08 - 2009UPDATE: Informal talks to start 10 August
29.07 - 2009UNHCR reports on Western Sahara
28.07 - 2009World Tribune: U.S. sees terror threat to Morocco
24.07 - 2009US civil society appeal to Obama on Western Sahara
24.07 - 2009Trailer: Without land in the desert
24.07 - 2009Timor's link to a Saharan struggle
11.07 - 2009The manufacturing of the consensus: Moroccan Medias and Western Sahara
11.07 - 2009Obama reverses Bush-backed Morocco plan in favor of Polisario state
08.07 - 2009Polisario protests Morocco's oil provocations
30.06 - 2009Drugs or terrorism?
27.06 - 2009UN’s Western Sahara envoy en route to Morocco
20.06 - 2009Forbes: King Of Rock
17.06 - 2009Landmine Action in Sahrawi Refugee Camps
17.06 - 2009The United States, Morocco and the Western Sahara Dispute
16.06 - 2009UN Decolonization committee meets on situation in Western Sahara
12.06 - 2009Aminatou Haidar: "Why the Maghreb really matters"
04.06 - 2009Mali accuses “Al Qaida of the Maghreb” of having Moroccan support
03.06 - 2009Refugees about Norwegian vessel: -Pirates, don't steal from us!
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Africa's last colony Since 1975, three quarters of the Western Sahara territory has been illegally occupied by Morocco. The original population lives divided between those suffering human rights abuses under the Moroccan occupation and those living in exile in Algerian refugee camps. For more than 40 years, the Saharawi await the fulfilment of their legitimate right to self-determination.
Trailer: Western Sahara, Africa's last colony


Have a look at this teaser for the upcoming documentary "Western Sahara, Africa's last colony". Coming soon.
Book: International Law and the Question of Western Sahara


To our knowledge the first collective book on the legal aspects of the Western Sahara conflict. Available in English and French.