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Hunger striking to demand educationtamek_assa.jpg
15.02 - 2016 20:53
Ali Salem Tamek, a well-known human rights defender from Western Sahara, is undertaking an open-ended hunger strike to demand his right to a university education – something he claims the Moroccan government is barring him from.
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Saharawi journalists jailed for covering protests and plunder13.02 - 2014
Four members of an independent Saharawi media group have been detained since 11 February. The charges against them remain unclear, but their coverage of Saharawi protests and Morocco’s natural resources plunder is considered as the prime reason for their detention.Read more
Morocco hinders Saharawi activist's vital surgery14.11 - 2013
Ali Salem Tamek, a well known Saharawi human rights defender, was about to leave for Europe to undergo surgery, when the Moroccan police came to arrest his wife on false charges.Read more

Mass Grave Revealed in Western Sahara19.09 - 2013
A new report documents the discovery of eight executed Sahrawis in Western Sahara. The executions have not previously been known and shed light on Morocco’s secrecy with regard to previous disappearances.Read more
Dutch vessel transporting resources from occupied Western Sahara31.05 - 2013
A Dutch cargo vessel is at present transporting illegally extracted sand from the occupied Western Sahara to Casablanca, Morocco. This contravenes the advice of the Dutch government, which discourages doing business in Western Sahara.Read more

Parties Conclude Another Round of Talks10.03 - 2011
Humanitarian News, 10 March 2011 - Representatives of the parties to the Western Sahara dispute, Morocco and the Frente Polisario, today wrapped up another round of talks, during which both sides continued to reject each other's proposal as a sole basis for future negotiations, United Nations envoy Christopher Ross said.
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Hungering for justice: Saharawi political prisoners on hunger strike25.02 - 2011
Ali Salem Tamek, Brahim Dahane and Ahmed Naciri have spent over 16 months in prison without being sentenced by a court. Demanding to be tried fairly or released, they've now gone on hunger strike. Read a background briefing on these imprisoned human rights defeders here.Read more
Take Action for Human Rights Monitoring in Western Sahara11.02 - 2011
Recent tragic events in Western Sahara demonstrate the urgent need for human rights monitoring. MINURSO, the UN mission in Western Sahara, is the only contemporary UN peacekeeping mission in the world without a mandate to monitor human rights. In April the UN will address the renewal of MINURSO's mandate - we must ACT NOW to make sure that this time human rights monitoring is included!Read more

Germany indicts alleged Moroccan spy 11.02 - 2011
AP - German federal prosecutors have charged a 43-year-old Moroccan with spying on exiled opposition activists for his country's intelligence service.Read more
So much for human rights19.12 - 2010
By Jeremy Harding. Two things we can learn about Morocco’s illegal occupation of Western Sahara from the US embassy in Rabat, courtesy of WikiLeaks: 1) it’s a source of personal revenue for Moroccan army officers but 2) everything’s fine really.Read more

Amnesty International's annual report: Morocco / Western Sahara27.05 - 2010
Today, Amnesty International presented its annual report: "Amnesty International Report 2010: State of the World's Human Rights". Read the paragraphs on Morocco and Western Sahara here.
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Moroccan court bails three Western Sahara activists18.05 - 2010
AFP - A Moroccan court has granted bail to three of six Western Sahara activists who were arrested last October on their return from refugee camps at Tindouf in Algeria, their lawyer said Tuesday.
Picture: Rachid Sghayer leaving prison
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Guinness World Records challenged over Moroccan flag stunt17.05 - 2010
“Had Saddam flown a giant flag over Kuwait would Guinness have sent a judge to measure it?”Read more

Beware the Warnings of al Qaeda08.05 - 2010
The Atlantic Online - In countries where media are significantly restricted, and governments are more invested in how terror attacks are interpreted, an al Qaeda bias can be the stuff of high-stakes political capital.Read more
The arms sellers countries extend the conflict in Western Sahara06.05 - 2010
Guin Guin Bali - The Security Council of the United Nations has decided to extend its mandate in Western Sahara. Without the obligation of safeguarding Human Rights. Several permanent seats of the Security Council are in the hands of the main armaments sellers to Algeria and Morocco, engaged in an arms race allowed by the international community. Not being able to propose a solution to the conflict means extending the success of the arms market.Read more

Fate abducted Saharawi citizen still unknown05.05 - 2010
According to the Saharawi Collective of Human Rights Defenders, CODESA, a Saharawi citizen with Italian residence was abducted by Moroccan police officers in El Aaiún on 28 April. Read CODESA's report here.
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Second Tier Titans clash on Human Rights in Western Sahara29.04 - 2010
InnerCityPress, UNITED NATIONS, April 29 -- The Western Sahara resolution, which was scheduled to be voted on in the UN Security Council this morning, has been dropped from the agenda.Read more
France opposing Security Council on Human Rights28.04 - 2010
For the second year in a row, France is blocking efforts by the Security Council to address the deteriorating human rights situation in Western Sahara.Read more

Spain in favour of human rights monitoring in Western Sahara?27.04 - 2010
Growing rumours about Spain's alleged positive stance vis-à-vis human rights monitoring in its former colony, Western Sahara, seem to be confirmed by a statement from the country's deputy prime Minister Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega. Or are they?Read more
European Parliamentarians demand release WS political prisoners22.04 - 2010
The President of the European Parliament's Intergroup for Western Sahara raised his concern about the situation of the Saharawi political prisoners on hunger strike in Moroccan jails. Read the press release here.Read more

News archive:
14.04 - 2010RFK and HRW call for human rights monitoring in Western Sahara
10.04 - 2010Morocco to appoint a Polisario deserter Ambassador to Spain
09.04 - 2010Morocco must end harassment of Sahrawi activists
05.04 - 2010Worldwide appeal for human rights monitoring in Western Sahara
06.04 - 2010Moroccan crack-down against group of Saharawi activists
04.04 - 2010Appeal by political prisoner's mother
02.04 - 2010Health Sahrawi political prisoners on hunger strike deteriorating
16.03 - 2010Emprisoned Saharawi activist wins human rights award
05.03 - 2010First EU-Morocco summit: Don’t forget human rights in Western Sahara
05.03 - 2010Take action for human rights monitoring in Western Sahara
24.02 - 2010European Parliament's lawyers declare EU fishing illegal
12.02 - 2010Parties to Western Sahara dispute commit to further UN-backed talks
09.02 - 2010Parties in Western Sahara dispute to hold new round of talks tomorrow
28.01 - 2010Morocco slammed for Sahara travel ban
23.01 - 2010Peak phosphorous: mankind's latest threat
18.12 - 2009Activist's "victory" over Morocco puts Sahara back on world agenda
18.12 - 2009Activist heads home after ending hunger strike
17.12 - 2009As UN Council meets on Western Sahara, ill Haidar is freed
17.12 - 2009Western Sahara hunger striker taken to hospital
05.12 - 2009AU calls on Moroccan authorities to allow return of rights activist

Africa's last colony Since 1975, three quarters of the Western Sahara territory has been illegally occupied by Morocco. The original population lives divided between those suffering human rights abuses under the Moroccan occupation and those living in exile in Algerian refugee camps. For more than 40 years, the Saharawi await the fulfilment of their legitimate right to self-determination.
Trailer: Western Sahara, Africa's last colony


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Book: International Law and the Question of Western Sahara


To our knowledge the first collective book on the legal aspects of the Western Sahara conflict. Available in English and French.